Local Ads Lead to Great Business

Print advertising is still one of the best ways to get your message out to an audience.

Within the state of New Mexico, more than 400,000 people rely on their local newspaper to bring them the news of their communities. You can’t simply close out an ad in a newspaper. In fact, many readers depend upon their local newspapers to tell them about specials a business is having.

In New Mexico, there are many opportunities for effective advertising.

In fact, there are many deals that make print advertising effective. And the New Mexico Press Service and its member newspapers also can help you design a campaign that features both print and digital ads.

Here are some of the specials available in the first part of 2019:

Taos News – Northern New Mexico comes alive with three special sections that will be inserted into the Taos News.

First is “A Day in the Life of Taos” a special photographic magazine in which the paper’s award-winning photographers fanned out across the area to record the community. Publish date is Feb. 28.

Second is the Taos News’ “Gallery Guide.” This popular special always garners national attention and there is no better deal to get your ad in the hands of people who care. Reservation deadline is Feb. 22 for the publishing date of April 11.

Finally, “Taos Woman” will be published March 14. This special section focuses on the beauty and strength of the Taos Woman. Reservation is due by Feb. 8.

Rio Grande Sun – The Sun has a full calendar of special sections coming in 2019 that are sure to be in the hands of many people in northern New Mexico. Of note, is the Sun’s award-winning Visitor’s Guide. This magazine will be inserted into papers on April 25, but you will find copies everywhere until April 2020. Not only do the locals hang on to these, but any trip to New Mexico is not complete without a guide.

The Sun also has a special on lowriders coming out this summer and plenty of other opportunities throughout the year.

For more information on these specials, click on the flyers or call the New Mexico Press Service at 505-275-1377.

Los Alamos Monitor - Winter can be tough for those of us who love the warm New Mexico climate. It may make us feel a little … well, blue. The Monitor wants to help those professionals who help the rest of us with its “Coping” special section. This community resource guide will help you find the right service to cure what ails you. Publication is March 24 with a space deadline of March 8.

Of course, winter never lasts forever and once the snow melts we look forward to getting out and in the garden. The Monitor is producing its annual Home and Garden section on April 14. Space deadline in March 29.

Remember! New Mexico Press Service can help you place an ad in any newspaper in New Mexico!

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