Sell, buy or list a job with the Classified Network

Classified advertising is one of the least expensive and effective ways to sell, buy and list a job. The New Mexico Press Service, through the Classified Network, can help you get your line ad place in 24 newspapers throughout the state at one low cost and one bill.

How it works

You can place you 25-word ad once in 24 participating newspapers throughout New Mexico for just $154. Your ad will run one time in each newspaper between Sunday and Saturday.

Your Cost

The cost of an ad is $154 for the first 25 words with each additional word costing $5.

When your ad will run

You can select the week of publication for the ad to appear, it is up to each individual newspaper as to the exact day of publication.

Payment and deadlines

All ads must be paid in advance, either by check or credit card. All ads are due in our office by noon on the Wednesday prior to the week of publication.

 To place a classified ad, please fill out this form or contact our office at 505-275-1241 or by email at