NMPA contest

UPDATE: The deadline for this year's NMPA Better Newspaper Contest has been been extended. Get your entries in by midnight, Friday, Aug. 7!

It is contest time in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Press Association Better Newspaper Contest website is ready for entries and the deadline is approaching.

Submissions of work published between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, must be postmarked or uploaded by 4:59 p.m. MST, Friday, July 31.

The contest divisions, by printed circulation as of October 2019, for the NMPA Better Newspaper Contest are:

  • Daily Class I: 11,000 and above circulation

  • Daily Class II: 10,999 and below circulation

  • Weekly Class I: 5,000 and above circulation

  • Weekly Class II: 4,999 and below circulation

Publication five times a week or more constitutes a daily; publication four times a week or less constitutes a weekly.

Associate member entries that are published in numerous member newspapers across the state may enter the NMPA Better Newspaper Contest, however, these submissions will be judged in the Daily Class 1 division.

Otherwise, Associate Member entries will be judged in the publication class in which the entry was published. Work submitted must be generated in and for New Mexico publications.

This year, entries to the NMPA Better Newspaper Contest will be submitted using the Illinois Press Association’s Advanced Contest Entry System, a web-based program.

Entries — and payment by check or credit card — must be uploaded to the BNC website or postmarked by Friday, July 31.

The Arizona Newspaper Association will judge our contest in late July to early August. The contest is open to all New Mexico Press Association members in good standing. The proper representative of each newspaper (e.g. publisher, editor, ad director, etc.) must submit entries, not individuals.

When submitting for the contest, remember an “example” is one part of a full entry. In most categories, one example constitutes one entry, but some categories require or allow two or more examples to constitute an entry.

You may enter as many entries as you would like in most categories.

In the Design & Typography and Website categories, the limit is one entry. See General Excellence details for required dates of publications.

The cost is $8 per entry in newspaper category

Please note the new category and category changes:

The previous Series or Continuing Coverage category has been split into two separate categories — Best Series and Best Ongoing/Continuing Coverage.

The new categories, entry rules and definitions can be found on page 12 on the Information and Rules PDF accompanying this post.

Directions for preparing and submitting entries are on page 4.

If you have any questions, please contact NMPA Director Sammy Lopez at 505-275-1241 or director@nmpress.org.