By Robert Nott The New Mexican Efforts to cap the number of charter schools that could open in the state have failed for years, primarily because lawmakers from both parties did not have the appetite to support such bills and because former Gov. Susana Martinez was pro-charter. This year is …

The Department of Public Utilities, in a bid to head off a potential cash reserve crisis in its water production/distribution fund, is exploring alternative ways of funding the way it pays for big projects.

SANTA FE (AP) — Advocates for charter schools in New Mexico are criticizing a bill to increase state educational funding that would place a cap student enrollment at autonomous public schools for one year.Objections to the limit on charter school growth were raised Monday as a Senate panel t…

This is, in many respects, a golden age for journalism. With a president facing multiple federal and state inquiries—including one into whether

Inmates used to pay a flat rate of 65 cents for a 20-minute call. Under the current 8 cents-per-minute rate, a 20-minute call costs $1.60.

A popular business expo held for nearly a decade in Roswell and Artesia is getting a new name this year.

As the longest government shutdown in U.S. history stretches into a fifth week, millions of poor Americans who depend on food and rental assistance are becoming increasingly worried about the future.