Bob Woodward, associate editor of The Washington Post, and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, will be the keynote speaker at the New Mexico Foundation of Open Government's annual William S. Dixon, First Amendment Freedom Award virtual event at noon on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Woodward has been awarded two Pulitzer Prizes. He won his first Pulitzer along with Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein in 1973 for their coverage of the Watergate scandal surrounding former President Richard Nixon. Nixon’s downfall is the only time in the history of the U.S. where reporting by journalists lead to the resignation of a president.

Woodward received his second Pulitzer Prize in 2003 as the lead reporter for comprehensive coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the U.S. war on terrorism.

He has authored or co-authored 19 books with 13 of the books number one best-sellers.

His most recent book, Rage is set to be published Sept. 15.

The publisher states, “Rage, is an unprecedented and intimate tour de force of original reporting on the Trump presidency."

FOG has chosen six New Mexicans as the recipients of its 2020 William S. Dixon First Amendment Freedom Awards. The awards are annually presented to those New Mexicans who believe in government transparency at the state or local level – and who have made significant contributions to casting sunshine (transparency) in government operations in the state.

“These New Mexicans believe that open government is good government and instead of giving lip service to transparency and accountability, they acted on their belief. Because of their actions, it makes it easier for everyone to be informed and participate in government,” Kathi Bearden, Dixon Selection chair, said.

The 2020 Dixon recipients are:

Citizen: Teri Garcia and Stefanie Mortensen

Government: Rep. Jim Townsend and Ethan Watson

Law: Adam Flores

Media: Ryan Lowery

Tickets are now available for the 2020 Dixon Virtual Event.