The New Mexico Press Association will be celebrating the 52nd year of its Hall of Fame during the annual convention on Oct. 23-25, 2020.

Each year, a Hall of Fame committee, comprised of Hall of Fame members, prepares a slate of possible inductees.

The committee shall prepare its own list of possible candidates and solicit nominations from the membership. The membership shall be advised of this through several emails prior to the deadline. The call for candidates should take place no later than the end of May.

All nominations must be in the committee’s hands by July 1 of each year prior to the summer board meeting.

The committee shall submit its recommendation of the nominee to the board at the summer board meeting for approval. The board shall then vote to induct or reject the nominee recommended by the committee.

The nominee approved by the board for induction shall be informed of his/her selection to the Hall of Fame. Presentation of the award shall be made by the outgoing president or his/her designee at the annual convention.

Only one nominee may be inducted each year, although it is not mandatory to induct anyone.


Criteria for Candidates

1.     Nominees must be nominated by someone other than family members or by him/herself.
2.     Nominee cannot be a current member of the NMPA Board of Directors.
3.     20 years experience in newspaper industry, 10 of them in New Mexico.
4.     Exemplary record of accomplishment in the newspaper industry.
5.     Nominee will have made a significant contribution to the newspaper industry.
·        NMPA Board of Directors service.
·        National recognition for journalism excellence.
·        Creation of an innovative program that benefits all New Mexico newspapers.
  • Meritorious service on behalf of First Amendment issues.

(These are simply examples. Nominees do not have to have served on the NMPA Board of Directors to be inducted in the NMPA Hall of Fame. )


Who can be nominated?

·        People who have excelled in any area of the newspaper industry are eligible — i.e., editorial, advertising, circulation, production and operations.

Nominating Process

Write a letter outlining why this person should be chosen; include history and accomplishments.

Optional: Other supporting letters or documentation in support of your candidate


Where to send it

HOF Committee Chairperson

Leota Harriman


Executive Director

Sammy M. Lopez

New Mexico Press Association



Submission Deadline

The deadline for nominations is June 30, 2020.