Importance of news

More than 300 newspapers nationwide responded Thursday morning to the especially vitriolic comments the president has been aiming at the media lately.

Led by the editorial board of the Boston Globe, newspapers were encouraged to write editorials taking Donald Trump to task for calling the press “the enemy of the people.”

The Albuquerque Journal featured its editorial on a free press prominently on its opinion pages

The Santa Fe New Mexican also took up the torch, writing a well-reasoned argument for a free press.

At the Roswell Daily Record, editors argued that an erosion in trust of the media is perilous to the republic.

Meanwhile, the several of the Gannett-owned papers in the state an editorial written by the editorial board at the Las Cruces Sun-News:

However, it seems like the editorial published in the weekly Valencia County News-Bulletin has been getting the most attention, with links appearing on CNN’s website and a shout out on Twitter by none other than documentary film maker Ken Burns.

Meanwhile, some of our media brethren argued that editorials denouncing Trump will have little effect and empower the president to step his attack on the media.

Jack Shafer from Politico took the editorials to task as being nearly meaningless and would probably have the opposite effect intended:

"This Globe-sponsored coordinated editorial response is sure to backfire: It will provide Trump with circumstantial evidence of the existence of a national press cabal that has been convened solely to oppose him. When the editorials roll off the press on Thursday, all singing from the same script, Trump will reap enough fresh material to whale on the media for at least a month."

State newspapers take on president's remarks calling the press an "enemy of the people"