Contract manufacturer Foxconn unveiled three new electric vehicle (EV) models this week at its annual Hon Hai Tech Day. The global smart manufacturing company introduced the new EVs alongside a new all-electric brand, Foxtron, which is getting these prototype vehicles ready for other brands to sell eventually. Say hello to the Model C crossover SUV, the Model E sedan, and the Model T bus.

While we don’t know what the production vehicles will end up looking like, all three—even the bus—look appropriately sleek and ready to be plugged in. And that’s not an accident. While the Foxtron brand is new (Foxconn and Yulon Motor Group created it as a joint venture last year), the company has experience designing vehicles for other companies. Foxtron Models C and E both use a modular EV platform that Foxconn announced last year.

Here are the few details we know about the vehicles themselves:

Model C

Foxconn Reveals Three Sleek Electric Prototypes

One of three new all-electric models introduced by smart manufacturing company Foxconn, the Foxtron Model C crossover SUV sits on a modular EV platform and has an estimated range of 435 miles. (Foxconn)

The 7-passenger (5+2 seats) Model C electric SUV could be sold in Taiwan in 2023 as a Yulon-branded model—maybe Luxgen or CMC, according to Reuters. The EV has an estimated range of 435 miles, and its maker says it can accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in under four seconds. Foxconn said this EV would be sold at a “reasonable price, comparable to a fuel-powered car,” according to Motor Trend.

Model E

Foxconn Reveals Three Sleek Electric Prototypes

Ford made sure Tesla didn’t use the Model E name for what eventually became the Model 3, so it’s unlikely that Foxconn will be allowed to use it if this car ever goes on sale in the United States. For now, we know that Foxconn received assistance from famed Italian firm Pininfarina for the design of the sleek sedan, which the company claims produces 750 horsepower and has a zero-to-62-mph time of under three seconds. According to Reuters, the driving range is an estimated 466 miles, and also notes that an as-yet-unnamed brand will sell the Model E in the next few years.

Model T

Foxconn Reveals Three Sleek Electric Prototypes

Electric buses are a growing industry around the world. A new entry that can go almost 250 miles on a single charge and already meets U.S. Federal Transit Administration regulations, the Model T might be the first of the three Foxtron EVs that we will see in the U.S. Foxconn says it has already put 124,000 miles of testing onto the prototype. Reuters said the Model T is scheduled to start serving passengers in Taiwan next year, where Foxconn is based.