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About Us

The New Mexico Press Association exists to improve the quality of member newspapers, encourage high journalistic standards, promote journalism education and will seek to protect the rights of Free Speech for its members as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Press Association is really three organizations with different functions:

New Mexico Press Association

Founded in 1901, the New Mexico Press Association is the industry representative for member newspapers throught the state. As the leading advocate, the Associaiton is on the front when it comes to defending and protecting issues important to not only the industry, but for anyone who supports transparency in government.

Every fall, Association members gather for their annual convention, which includes professional development workshops, guest speakers and the award ceremony for the annual Better Newspaper Contest.


New Mexico Press Service

The Press Service is the advertising arm of the Press Association. The organization helps clients place advertisements in the state's newspapers through the Classified, 2X2 and Display Ad Networks. In addition, the Service also has a Press Release Program that will help clients write and place press releases with media outlets through out the state.


New Mexico Press Association Foundation

The Foundation's mission is journalism education. As such, it holds the annual High School Journalism Workshop each summer. The Workshop provides high school juniors and seniors to learn the newspaper industry from professionals in the newspaper business.